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Internet banking

What are the benefits of UBB Internet Banking?

The Internet banking provides the opportunity of using banking services through Internet. The system aims at speeding up your day-to-day banking operations, without even leaving your home or office.
The Internet banking is convenient and has user-friendly screens.
You can use the Bank’s services irrespectively of the location and business hours of its branches, without going to the banking hall.
UBB Internet banking is the quickest way of providing you with the latest update of banking information
By Internet you can at your convenience and security initiate banking operations of your choice.
There are a number of interactive services, which you can use without leaving your home or office.
Account statements:
  • Balances of all your accounts with UBB
  • Payments ordered by you
  • Amounts due to your accounts with UBB
  • Account History with ability to export information to file
  • Credit cards monthly statement and transactions
  • Utility bill payment reports 
  • Full Customer position – information about all used bank products like accounts, deposits, loans, credit cards, overdrafts, etc.
Real time banking transactions:
  • Real time money transfers to other accounts with UBB or with other banks in BGN and foreign currency;
  • Transfers between your accounts with UBB;
  • Direct debit operations and process of direct debit requests received;
  • Payment order from/to the Budget;
  • Ordering Budget transfers;
  • Utility bill payments - electricity, water supply, telephone bills, etc.
  • Foreign Currency Exchange between own accounts;
  • Opening Deposits;
  • Real-time stocks trade with U-Broker at the BSE (Bulgarian Stock Exchange);
  • Import Payment instructions from file
  • Future value date orders
  • Creating beneficiary lists and order templates
Other services and information:
  • BNB exchange rates
  • UBB exchange rates for the major currencies
  • List of BISERA member banks:
What is the technical equipment you need?
You should have the following:
  • Сomputer with installed MS Windows 8, 7, Vista, with Internet browser Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or Mozilla Firefox 4 or a higher version
  • Access to an Internet with static IP address within the session with the bank 
  • Customer certificate issued by UBB or Qualified Electronic Signature (QES), issued by any of issuers of certifying services, registered by Communications Regulation Commission (CRC), approved for using from the bank, which is installed in your Internet browser.
In addition to electronic certificate your financial information is secured by the usage of static and dynamic password.
To enhance the security and as additional protection upon access to effecting payments in U-online, it is obligatory to be used one of the following ways of working by: 
  • Digital certificate, issued by UBB along with a dynamic SMS password –for individuals.
  • Digital certificate, issued by UBB along with a U-code device for generating a dynamic password –for individuals and legal entities.
  • QES (Qualified Electronic Signature) along with a dynamic password from SMS or generated from U-code device – for individuals and legal entities.